Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gliding & Rocking

Things I've learned:
1. I'm picky.
2. Walls look better with paint. 
3. I'm not sure whether to glide or rock. 

Just this week, we had our bedroom and nursery painted.  Both rooms look so much more vibrant with color on the walls.  When the nugget arrives, I'd really like for the baby to be impressed with my decorating skills.  I'm getting close.  Plus I'm coming into my sixth anniversary in the condo (wow, that's a long time in 900 sq. ft.) so it was about time to do some coloring.  

Now that the walls in the nursery are painted, the crib and dresser complete, and some other small pieces in there, I'm trying to decide whether to glide or rock.  I've heard great reviews of gliders.  The problem is #1 above.  While gliders might be comfortable, I've only found one that I like.  See exhibit A below:

The only problem is that this glider is over $1000.  Yup.  And that's without a nifty little foot stool.  Although I'm not sure I need a tripping hazard in our nursery.  

This rocking chair option is sleek and one tenth of the cost of the glider above.  However, the first question that immediately comes to mind is "how comfortable will that be at 3 am when I'm certain I'll die of exhaustion?"

A third option would be to repurpose the rocking chair my mom used for me.  I love the sentimental value and the fact that it would be free minus some manual labor and materials.  If we want to actually to pay for braces for our child, I probably need to skip the adorable but incredibly expensive glider and rock instead. 


  1. I had a very similar dilemma. I don't care for the traditional inexpensive gliders/rockers either. We have an old rocking chair that has sentimental value but I couldn't find any cushions I like. I do really like the molded plastic rocker you posted but like you I was concerned that it wouldn't be comfortable for hours of nursing. What I chose was the Ikea Poang Rocker ( I am hoping that it will be a good compromise. You're welcome to come over and try it out.

  2. Thanks hun - I didn't even think about Ikea but that is a good option. I tried out my mom's rocker today. My aunt might be able to make the cushion. Now I just need to decide if I want to paint it or not.... decisions!

  3. Cady, the traditional rocker has worked for hundreds of years of nursing and rocking. I think your mom would probably love for you to take it for you and your baby. Cushions can certainly add a pop of color as well as comfort and you can change them for your purposes as your family grows. And you can always hand it down to your own daughter for her own rockin' and nursin' and, quite frankly, that rocker up there looks very institutional and dangerous. My suggestion: use the money you would use to buy new and it put into restitution (I might actually know someone who could help with that--a woodworker and a good one) and a an heirloom!

  4. I tried it out the other day and that's our plan. Now we just need to work on a little padding for my toosh!

  5. I love the idea of using your mom's rocker! What a sweet and sentimental thing to do. And it's MUCH more affordable than the $1,000+ glider. Try etsy for cushions. You can surely find someone willing to use any fabric that you like to make some snazzy padding for your tush. Also, don't forget that you want that fabric to be as wipe-able as possible. Babies spit up. Some of them do this LOTS. This is another reason that a more affordable option is a good one!