Sunday, July 29, 2012

21 Weeks

How far along? 21 weeks + 1 day 
What's on the canvas? My (imperfect) version of the NYC skyline.  This weekend we were in the city to celebrate a close friend's birthday. 
Weight gain: 7+ (I went a little sugar crazy this week.  My sweet tooth has been in major overdrive and I'm trying unsuccessfully to pump the breaks.) 
Best moments this week: This week was kind of wild - two doctor appointments, a dentist appointment and a trip to NYC.  Oh and to top that off, mid-week we had our nursery and bedroom painted so we had to tear the house apart and try to put it mostly back together.  The doctor appointments were good because we confirmed that the baby is doing really well.  In fact the sonogram was so detailed, they even checked the heart, kidneys, brain and more.  They also confirmed the gender of the baby which is currently in my mom's possession.  
Our trip to NYC was a complete surprise for the birthday girl and was coordinated by her boyfriend.  We just walked into a bar Friday night and snuck up on her.  She was nothing short of shocked.  We did more celebrating on Saturday and late that night when the baby was moving around, Meaghen got to feel the nugget.  
Miss anything?  Laying on my stomach and eggs benedict.  Sleeping has become a little more awkward especially since I was always a very committed stomach sleeper.  I miss crushing my face into a pillow and snoozing away.  
Movement: Yup!  Can't really call them kicks so much as little bitty pokes.  But they are consistent in the morning and evening so now both Alan and Meaghen have been able to feel it.
Pregnancy symptoms: Can I blame my sweet tooth on pregnancy?  
Maternity clothes? No new purchases.  Still trying to make a lot of my normal tops work with jeans and shorts plus my regular dresses. 

Some great photos of the birthday party Saturday:  

Happy birthday Meag!  Can't wait until next year when I'll get to enjoy a drink with you!! 

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