Saturday, August 17, 2013

Feed me!

This child loves food.  We started solid foods a couple months ago and Aidan has yet to dislike something.  From fruits to veggies and now meats and cheese, he has yet to show signs of a picky eater.  May he always be this way. 

We started with apples, then carrots, and progressed from there.  Mostly because we are cheap, plus a little because we are health conscious, we have made all of his baby food.  The clean up is the hardest part.  Seriously, making baby food is such an easy process.  For example: buy a bag of frozen mangoes at Target.  Let them thaw a bit.  Toss them into the food processor.  Puree.  Spoon your baby food into ice trays and freeze.  Next day you have easy to grab cubes of baby food.       
 Aidan loves raspberries so much, he had to smear them all over his face.  Love him.  
Sometimes we get the skeptical look but we just charge ahead.  The first couple bites always look the most questionable but he typically finishes what we cook up.  Now that he is closing in on 9 months (yikes, I can't believe it's true), we're working on more and more finger foods.  He loves to serve himself.  Now if only his hand/mouth coordination were a little more consistent.  


  1. Cady, this pic looks just like Alan when he was this age. Aiden is chunkier but the view is exactly like I remember!!

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