Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Manifesto

 This weekend we introduced Aidan to the pool.  He loved it.  Or more accurately, he was totally skeptical for the first five minutes and then frowned for a while and finally just chilled. 
 Don't mind that construction in the background.  Clearly something is structurally wrong and we stayed on the safe side of the pool.  

How much do you love those chubby fat rolls?  Honestly, I'm amazed our kid doesn't looks like a vampire attacked.  Aside from his laugh, Aidan's chubster rolls are the bees knees.   
 For fun, we gave the bebe a new look.  I am so pumped to try fun styles with his hair as it comes in more.  You can't really tell this in photos but he has this one long strand that is the last bit of baby hair.  It is both adorable and weird at the same time.  It's way too long and hard to get it placed so that it doesn't look odd.  And yet I cannot possibly bring myself to cut it.   
This is the face of a happy baby.  It is also the face of a baby who ten minutes after this photo, laid down to take a solid two hour nap.  You can now find us at the pool every Saturday and Sunday.  Maybe weekdays as well.  

Our pool time today made me realize that summer is nearly here.  Sure, it isn't officially summer until almost the end of June.  But those are just details my friend.  It's time to enjoy our warm weather.  It's time to capitalize on the summer months.  I love a good list so here is our summer manifesto.  This is my way to (hopefully) hit on all our favorite summer activities along with some new special ones.  So here we go: 

1. Introduce Aidan to the pool (done!). 
2. Eat lots of watermelon.  Lots and lots.  
3. Introduce Aidan to watermelon and let him eat lots of watermelon with us.
4. Read a great book (just started Unbroken and I can tell it's a good one).
5. Take our annual beach vacation! 
6. Move into our new home.
7. Throw an ice cream party. 
8. Take lots of family walks & family runs as well.  
9. Try 3 new drinks. 
10. Host game night with friends.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!  


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