Monday, March 11, 2013

Sprinkle some love

Last weekend my MOH had a little sprinkle to celebrate her second baby (due in March).  It was a mini-shower thrown by her sister-in-law.  I love this idea. 
 The cake was by a cute little cake shop in the heart of Fairfax City.  These cakes are incredible and I love the little baby booties they add to the top.  (If you notice these cakes as a theme on this blog you wouldn't be crazy... similar ones have appeared here and here.)
We enjoyed mimosas, donuts, muffins, quiche, and salad.  I tried very hard not to hover over the donut platter.  I was not successful.  The drinks bar was adorable and I love the ribbon ties added to the glasses.  
By the end I think we were all a little exhausted.  Opening presents is rough work.  So is chowing down on donuts.
CC - we can't wait to meet little Richie! I hope he brings even more joy to your home (and craziness because Bella is not enough already.) 

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