Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 98

We definitely torture our dog.  Or maybe she likes being treated as if she were a pillow.  She didn't exactly protest.  

This week Aidan turned three months/fourteen weeks.  Funny how that calendar works.  Our guess is that he is somewhere in between 14 and 15 lbs.  At this rate, there shouldn't be any issue tripling his weight by his first birthday.  Our little guy had zero fat rolls at birth and now he is sprouting them like Chunk from the Goonies.  Hopefully the rolls will slow down before he can do the truffle shuffle. 

Friday was Aidan's first day at daycare.  Definitely a hard morning for me but an adventurous day for him.  Aidan met new friends in his class, fell asleep on a bobby mid-play time, and finger painted for the first time.  Not sure he's the next Picaso but he certainly looked adorable with paint on his fingers.  

Happy quarter birthday nugget!

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