Thursday, March 21, 2013


loving Aidan's growth :: our child is officially a chunk.  He has rolls, a second chin and I've lost track of his neck. I love it.

listening to Aidan's laugh :: we are obsessed.  We're still not sure exactly what makes him laugh out loud but we try stupid faces, saying silly things, and lots of poking his belly.  His laughter is music.  I loved hearing his heart beat while I was pregnant but his giggle is even better. 

working my face off :: as of today I've been back to work for one month and two days.  I have yet to find a work/life balance.  In fact, I think I'm still weeks away from discovery.  But we're managing.  Work is challenging and exciting.  Just today I was promoted.  I'm thrilled yet cautious.  Trying to achieve what is best for me and what is best for our family can sometimes be at odds.  So for now we continue to work hard and cherish our family time.  The good part is that with such a small place, we're always close to one another.

waiting for spring :: oh hold up, it is spring.  We are definitely looking forward to warmer weather.  Bring on the sunshine and family walks outside.  And for the sake of all things good in this world, please make this damn wind die down.

reading World War Z :: yup this was all Alan. 

preparing for Easter :: Aidan's outfit has been picked out for weeks.  Of course we now run the risk of him being too big to fit his adorable pants and sweater.  We (ok really just me) are working on presents for his Easter basket.  Still on the hunt for the perfect basket.  This year we might have to choose a temporary one and make due. 

dressing Aidan like daddy :: usually I like to have a little matching going on with the baby but this morning Alan got the glory.  Alan asked that we dress Aidan in gold and purple to celebrate JMU's swing at the big dance.  I'd say they look pretty handsome.  Go Dukes!

(ps - i took ten photos and this is the only photo where Aidan actually pulled his tongue back into his mouth) 

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