Wednesday, January 23, 2013

World War Z

My husband is mildly fascinated by zombies.  He enjoyed World War Z (one of the few paper books he's read of late).  He loves The Walking Dead.  And he can have a serious conversation about zombies for hours.  Yes, multiple hours.  I can't say that I share this fascination but I'll entertain the idea.  And yes, I admit, The Walking Dead is a pretty interesting show.  

That brings us to the photo above.  We have about thirty children's books.  We've gone through most of them multiple times over.  Quite honestly, I got a bit tired of children's books before Aidan even hit one month.  While most of the books have a sweet message, there isn't much plot or character development to ensnare me.  So until Aidan can ask for a different book, I've been reading my own books to him.  I would like to think he enjoyed The Art of Racing in the Rain but I doubt he cares much for Real Simple's monthly tips on organization.    

Enter, World War Z.  I asked Alan to read aloud to Aidan over the weekend and what book did he choose?  Not a historical piece on Abraham Lincoln.  Not a clever fiction novel.  Instead, he plucked World War Z off the shelf and started Aidan on a path toward zombie awareness and preparation.  I hope this doesn't provoke nightmares in a few short years. 

With all that said, they looked adorable reading together and while I might not have chosen a book based on a zombie war, at least I know that Aidan is learning about character development.