Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Goals

The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing. 
-Albert Einstein 

Curiosity certainly does have its own reason for existing.  It provokes.  It challenges.  And maybe, it changes a person.  I've always been a pretty curious type.  Or nosy.  It's a toss up.  Either way, I am trying to focus my curiosity this year.  I am challenging myself to find what intrigues me and stay focused on that subject.  

February goals:
  • Enjoy my last three weeks at home with the baby.  Snuggle.  Cherish.  Watch.  I am so enjoying Aidan's personality as it develops more and more.  He is the sweetest baby even when he pees on me.  While I still have full days at home with him, I want to watch what makes him curious.  And of course, I want to document it all. 
  • Knit!  My project above is a new one I started last week and I'm hoping to finish (or come very close to it) this month.  Knitting is a passion of mine and I'm further developing my love for this art.   
  • On February 19th make the big transition back to work.  I think the first few days will go about as well as me slamming my head into the wall and they will definitely involve chocolate.  But I am excited about the challenge my job presents.  And I'm very curious to see and hear what changes have occurred while I've been out.   
One month ago :: January goals
  • My 2012 Project Life binder is nearly complete!  You can see the most recent additions here.  My hope is to finish it this week and share the last few spreads with you next week. 
  • My new knitting project has begun (it's in the photo above).  This is a pattern written by Jane Richmond and once again, I am loving her work.  You can purchase the pattern through her blog here.  I'm working on the Grace cardigan which is knitted from the top down. 
  • The half marathon is down to two options.  Only problem has been training.  So far walking and calisthenics have been the most comfortable ways for me to work out.  Breastfeeding has presented a challenge to my running form and I'm adjusting.      
  • I finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain and I've Got Your Number.  My new book: Gone Girl. 

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