Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 42

Aidan's weight: bigger than the last time
Aidan's height: taller than the last time (no doctor appointment this week but I'd guess he's the same height and about half a pound heavier)
Diaper usage: still uses roughly a dozen a day and we are officially out of newborn diapers!  His fat little toosh no longer fits into the tiny size so we have moved on to blow outs in size one.  Honestly, I am so pumped that we used every last newborn diaper that we had.  It's almost like the feeling of perfectly timing the food for a dinner party. 
Breastfeeding: both breastfeeding and the occasional bottle are working very well.  Not paying for formula makes me feel rich or at least rich enough to afford the dozen diapers a day we crush.
Favorite product: my diaper bag!  I love this bag.  The size is great.  The pockets are handy. It comes with a mat to put down when we change Aidan in a public bathroom.  It's stylish.  And one of my best friends was awesome and had it monogrammed for me.  Perfection!
Sleep deprivation: Friday night Aidan ate every 1.5-2 hours.  Honestly, it might have been one of the top three most difficult nights I've had.  We are right at the six week mark which is when they tend to have another growth spurt.  Hopefully that is what Friday night was and we don't repeat it.    
Biological warfare: Let's just say we moved up a size in diapers and they still get filled. 
Movement: Aidan's neck is getting stronger and stronger.  Probably a good thing considering that his head is getting bigger and bigger. 
Best moments this week: My mom and I ran a few errands and ate out for lunch on Friday.  It was nice to feel like a normal adult again.  Although if Alan weighed in here he'd say that the best moment this past week was watching the Redskins game with Aidan.  We'll be watching again today!
Pivotal moments: We welcomed the start of 2013, started Aidan's baby book, and made my work space look super high tech (I'll be sharing a photo of that later.  Oh and the only real reason my work space is pivotal for Aidan is because he wouldn't have any photos without this computer.) 
Cutest Aidan feature: Well it would NOT be his tiny, dangerous nails.  I'll have to say his eyes since they are open longer and becoming more observant each day.   


  1. you look gorgeous and skinny minny!!

    1. thank you :) i'm much improved when I put on make up!

  2. Replies
    1. yes!! stripes are my favorite so far. this little outfit was from carter's.

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