Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Aidan wearing a pair of his awesome booties.  Or as I like to call them, high tops. (remember the jar of booties I posted about here? he's finally getting to wear big boy clothes and "shoes.")
 Enjoying my new desk arrangement.  Alan surprised me with this massive LED monitor and then gave me a follow up surprise with the keyboard and mouse.  I'm pretty sure the keyboard has made me a better writer already. 
 Starting 2013 project life with the baby edition. 
 Reading books from the library.  (The Art of Racing in the Rain was very touching.  Now I've moved on to a chick book I've Got Your Number.)
Finishing another knitted snood.  

Nursing, diaper changing, cleaning and laundering are also pretty hot topics in our home but not nearly as appropriate or exciting in picture format.

What's happening in your daily life right now?  Care to share? 

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