Thursday, January 17, 2013

Be curious {about knitting}

I know, I know.  You know about my knitting addiction.  This is not something new or very well hidden.  But I've been finishing up a number of projects like the one above (which I started just a few weeks, ok, months ago).  You can see my previous progress posts on this sweater here and here.  It is a baby sweater pattern created by my knitting teacher Debra Lee.  She has not posted this as a sale pattern but you can check out her work on Ravelry and her website.     

Now that I can celebrate this finished object, I am turning my focus over to the Downton Abbey knit along.  The knit along is new for me and for that reason, this is what I've decided to focus my curiosity on this month (for more details, check out this post).  I haven't really been able to keep up with a knit along before and I'm not entirely positive I'll be able to keep up with this one.  But I'm going to give it a good shot!

The only hitch is that the knit along has started and I'm still at square one.  Well, honestly more like square zero.  I can't seem to decide on a pattern.  And so I still have to decide on yarn for the pattern that I haven't settled on.  I'm debating between this cowl (link to pattern via pinterest)::

and this hat (link to pattern via pinterest)::

anyone interested in breaking the tie? 


  1. eeks i'm RIGHT with you! i have to pick a project TODAY and cast on for it. it has to be done! both of those projects are lovely! hmmm do you have many knitted hats? you could totally try the hat first.. it would be less yarn ;) haha but the stockholm cowl is so stinking beautiful too...
    i'm no help though. haven't picked one for me yet. i'm thinking shawl... maybe. hahah
    also that sweater is uber cute! love it! xo

    1. I have never knitted a hat which is why I'm a bit more inclined to try it but.... I have never purchased anything from Knitscene which is holding me back a bit. Have you tried any of their patterns?