Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 21

My favorite photos from this week.... 

Aidan is at the very max for his new born outfits.  My little guy is getting big!  Well, I should clarify that he is getting tall.  There is still plenty of tummy room but he is stretched to the max from shoulder to toes. 

And of course our other baby is doing well.  Mackenzie loves that we added more pillows to the bed.  We found her like this all snuggled into my side.  She really is quite adorable but probably thinks she owns the bed... or at least 50% of it. 

Stats for week three:

Aidan's weight: As of Aidan's two week well check on Monday, he was 7 lbs, 6 oz.  
Aidan's height: They confirmed he had grown a whole inch!  So he's up to 20 and 3/4 inches.
Diaper usage: Still running through 10-12 a day.  This week I got peed on 5 times ... actually I lost count.  Either way, when I'm sleepy and covered in urine I like to think we saved a quarter (yes, diapers come out to roughly a quarter each).  It's the little things that entertain me. 
Breastfeeding: Still going strong.  Or at least Aidan is and I'm hanging in there.  Still tender for the first 30 seconds or so when we start feeding but I'm hoping that lessens more and more this week.  When I'm not nursing, the whole process is actually pretty funny - Aidan cries and tries to claw me, I try to bat his hands away and get him latched on quickly.  Alan typically has to step in and hold one of Aidan's hands to prevent additional crying from my end.  Which reminds me... I need to take care of Aidan's claws.
Favorite product: The BOB!  Now that we're getting around a little more, this stroller has become life changing.  The wheels pop off and on easily for simple storage in the car trunk (or you can leave them on and it still fits).  It's fairly light weight and easy to push plus it's not directionally challenged since the front wheel allows for 360 degree movement.  We aren't planning on using any stroller but this one.  We can't run with Aidan for a while but this is still a perfect stroller until that time comes. 
Sleep deprivation: I think the longest stretch of sleep we've gotten was about three hours.  Better than two hours I guess.  
Biological warfare: Note the diaper usage above when I mentioned getting peed on multiple times this week - take it up a notch and consider that I also got pooped on.  Lovely. 
Movement: Doing tummy time about three times a day for a few minutes each time.  Aidan picks his head up a couple times and even turns his head to the other side.  He also loves to kick and wave his arms around - even while sleeping. 
Best moments this week: My birthday!  We celebrated my birthday on Friday with sushi and red velvet cake.  My parents watched Aidan while Alan and I ate in another room - it was sort of like going out for a date but not having to worry about how Aidan was doing.    
Pivotal moments: Tummy time was added to the agenda this week. 
Cutest Aidan feature: He has a dimple!  It appears very infrequently but he has a definite dimple on his left cheek.  I think in a few weeks when he starts smiling and moving his mouth more we'll see it even more pronounced.  Can't wait! 

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