Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Goals

This week Hurricane Sandy really threw us for a loop.  Our condo building lost power and is still without internet.  Our next door neighbors had water damage but luckily, we managed to avoid any to our unit.  We also had the comfort of Alan's mom house where we were able to hunker down for about four days. 

All of this makes me incredibly thankful.  I am so grateful that my parent's house wasn't harmed (they had major damage after Derecho), I feel so lucky that all we can really complain about is the lost internet connection, and I am very appreciative that Mrs. Sinks hosted us for so long.  We had some nice family time with Jessica, Shaun, and our niece Addison as well.  And lastly, I'm so thankful for the first responders who have worked so hard all along the east coast.  Those men and women do an incredible job.  

Since our internet is down, blogging has been a little more interesting challenging.  So I present to you this family photo taken last night on my camera phone.  Quality is obviously questionable but at least all 3.5 of us are in there.  Not my normal format for monthly goals but had to make due.  My November goals are pretty simple this month:
  • Give thanks - with our baby shower this weekend and Thanksgiving coming up very soon, this is obviously the best time to think about how lucky we are and to give thanks for everything we have. 
  • Read the Omnivore's Dilemma - I'm nearly finished with the Happiness Project and this is next on my very long list of books to read.  Usually I'm a faster reader but knitting has dominated more of my time lately.    
  • Finish the nursery!  We are down to just weeks my friends.  The nursery needs some serious TLC.  I still have some reading and learning to do (um, my birth plan is three sentences) so I should probably get to some of that as well.
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