Sunday, November 4, 2012

35 Weeks

How far along? 35 weeks - not quite full term but according to the doctor, if for some reason I went into labor right now they would not prevent it.  
*This week I kept the photos really simple and we even got a decent one with Mackenzie.  Of course she looks completely depressed about the idea of a baby.  
Weight gain: As of my doctor's appointment on Monday, +24. 
Best moments this week: This week was pretty interesting - we had the massive storm come through our area on Monday and Tuesday.  I worked from home on Tuesday and Wednesday which is always a bit calmer and less stressful - definitely necessary for me at this point.  The very best part of this week was our baby shower yesterday.  It was absolutely incredible.  First of all, anything that involves cake is generally a great time for me.  But in addition to the two slices of cake I destroyed, it was fabulous to see so many family and friends.  We are very, very lucky for their love and generosity.  I hope we can impress upon our baby just how special our friends and family are and how much they have helped us.  
Miss anything? Consistent energy - sounds a little odd but some nights I have all the energy in the world (usually results in me cleaning) while other nights I can hardly make it to 10 pm.  
Movement: He's still stretching across my belly with his toes sometimes tickling my right side.  Hopefully this little sideways monkey will shortly move into the head down position. 
Pregnancy symptoms: Thursday night I went crazy nesting - to the point where I even cleaned the utility closet.  It's dubious that anyone will ever see the inside of our utility closet but please, rest assured it looks cleaner and better organized now.  Probably the funniest symptom I'm experiencing lately happens at night when my hands feel really swollen and even fall asleep.  The best part about this - my need to pee three times a night and having to maneuver bathroom tactics with hands that don't work properly.   


  1. you are the cutest ever. i miss being preggers so much! not long now!! weee!!! xo

  2. awww thank you! I am getting so excited to meet this little guy!