Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin'

After a weekend with Addison, I have to treat you to this fun series of photos from the pumpkin patch.  We think Addison has allergies and the poor thing had all kinds of stuff running out of her eyes and nose.  But she still managed to soak up the pumpkin patch.  I'm pretty sure she was taking notes for next year's visit when we'll come back again plus one!   
Rocking the shades with Alan
Me & Addison
Giving a sad panda face over the allergy problem - see that bit of red around her eyes.  She was a trooper though!
Obviously, we think we're really funny... 

These chicks win for being the cutest animals.
Me & Alan
The Flatter family (my in-laws and niece)
We coordinated!

The coolest of all the pumpkins/gords were these swan gourds.  I've never seen anything like them before.
Going to a pumpkin patch was one of my October goals and I'm so glad we were able to go as a big family.  Obviously next year will be even more fun when our kids will be able to participate in more of the activities.  It so fun now to have an excuse to do kid activities!

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  1. we just went this last weekend!! Isnt it so much fun sharing those kind of traditions with little ones? I think it will be even more special when my little guy gets older. I really need some sunglasses for him, i've noticed on serveral occasions I could have really used them lol. Afraid they are always going to fall off though!!