Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Weeks

How far along? 31 weeks and the countdown is on! (yes, I'm a easily excited and very eager)
What's on the canvas? This weekend we enjoyed a trip to Cox Farms which is a pumpkin patch and play area that I went to as a kid.  It was so much fun to go back as an adult.  After this trip with our niece Addison, I am so looking forward to coming back in a year with our son and Addison.  It will be awesome to see them try the slides, pet the animals, and take a tour on the hay ride.  Since we were at a pumpkin patch, we used a pumpkin as the canvas.  And for fun, Alan designed a 31 out of pumpkins for me as a surprise (I was busy buying and scarfing down funnel cake).   
Weight gain: +20 pounds.  I tacked on some weight in the last two weeks! 
Best moments this week: So many in just one week - Monday I had one more dinner with Ann before leaving Charleston, Tuesday night we had a great dinner with my parents, Wednesday I made it through my biopsy, Friday the doctor confirmed that the mass was a lactation adenoma which was a huge relief, then Saturday we wandered around Cox Farms and I stuffed my face with funnel cake.  Who doesn't love a week that involves showing your ta tas to a stranger and ends with funnel cake?  
Miss anything? The usual suspects :: sushi, wine, margaritas, runny eggs, and sleeping on my stomach. 
Movement: The baby seems to be doing a lot less kicking/punching and more stretching/rolling.  The craziest sensation of this entire pregnancy came this week when he seemed to stretch across my entire belly and move his feet next to my ribs (feet seems to make more sense than hands).  It's amazing to me to think that he has even carved that much room into my belly.    
On Friday night the baby was apparently doing some serious rolling.  I say apparently because I was fast asleep and Alan watched this take place.  I think he and the nugget had a little bonding session.  Pretty cute to think about right? 
Pregnancy symptoms: Sometimes I forget just how big my belly is until I stand up.  Alan has started calling me turtle because getting up has gotten progressively more difficult.  I'm not a waddling duck yet, just a turtle.  

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