Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taking Care of Memories

My parents have done some really awesome things for me over the last 30 years.  They had a contractor build a playhouse complete with windows, door, and collapsible table; my mom took me to her hair salon to get my hair crimped - Topanga had nothing on me that day; they bought me a car in high school with tinted windows.  Granted they didn't mean to buy a car with tinted windows, although I'm still not sure how you miss noticing something like that.  

Of all the wonderfully generous things my parents have done for me, this has to be the best.  My mom saved a xerox box of special baby mementos :: cards from her shower, special dresses that I wore, my first pair of shoes, a very worn doll from my grandmother, and some very special pieces that will go into our son's nursery and will be revealed later.  For now, here  are a few of the baby mementos my mom preserved. 
My mom's notes after every doctor appointment.  This was her version of a blog back in 1981.  She tracked how much she weighed, what the doctor said, and even guessed my weight.  
Items saved from the hospital :: my dad's cap and mask, my mom's wrist band and my tiny wrist band, and an old school Pamper's diaper (unused!). 
This was the gown my grandmother sewed by hand and then used to take my father home from the hospital.  My parents then brought me home from the hospital in this as well.  Baby Sinks will wear this and then we will frame it until it is ready to be used again.  
The Dior dress I wore for my first birthday party.  After slamming my face into the front door and bleeding all over the white bib, my mom realized it would be best to wait a few more years before buying me any more expensive clothing.  
The good news is she has some incredible methods for removing stains.  
A smocked dress made by my grandmother on my mom's side.
Two of my dad's toys that my grandmother had saved.  They might be covered in peeling, lead based paint and have tiny little parts that can fall off and be swallowed but my dad grew up just fine.  These will likely be displayed on a shelf until our baby boy can fully demonstrate that not everything needs to be eaten or torn apart.  

I am so thankful that my parents preserved so many of these special memories.  This will be a beautiful way to tell our son about my childhood and our family.  

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