Sunday, September 16, 2012

28 Weeks

How far along?  28 weeks + 1 day - officially in the third trimester!  BAM! 
What's on the canvas? Paper + stamp + stickers (more details below) 
Weight gain: As of Friday I was at 140 - up 15 from 125.  With 12 weeks (or a little less - fingers crossed!) I'd say this is right on track. We should all pinky swear now that most of the pregnancy weight gain is baby and water weight which obviously comes off really easily, right?  Well, just lie to me. 
Best moments this week: This week was pretty low key which was nice.  Monday I had a morning appointment in DC for work.  It was a beautiful day and a nice change of pace.  Wednesday we did a tour of the hospital where we are delivering.  There were 8 couples in attendance; one other mom-to-be and I asked 95% of the questions.  I'm a dork and slightly petrified about getting the baby out.  I'm not sure what her problem was.  Then Thursday night I had my weekly knitting class and started a new sweater for the baby.  Two movies, a dinner date, and a soccer game capped off our weekend.  Nothing too sexy but certainly relaxing.  
Miss anything? Ha!  Let's not talk about it. 
Movement: Definitely.  I actually took a video of my belling moving yesterday.  
Pregnancy symptoms: I think our baby registry process sums this up pretty well: I cried, I peed, and I was tired after two hours of walking around the store.  
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Some of the details for what I used this week :: blue paper, a paper cutter, fiskar's trimmer, color box stamp pad in silver, and a cheap $1 stamp from Michael's that I found in the discount area.  At the last minute I added stickers I had on hand - not sure which brand.