Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gender Reveal Party Details

My mom and dad are really fun hosts.  At parties they seem to always be moving and yet never stressed.  Maybe they have a couple drinks before guests come over.  I'm not sure about that part but I do know they are prepared and that certainly helps maintain the flow of a party.  They've also thrown a variety of parties so they've found some methods along the way to make serving easier.  Here are some of the fun details of our gender reveal party - including one or two of those methods to make parties more fun, less stress.  Feel free to steal any ideas you like. 

Really cute decor outside of my parent's house.  My mom tried to balance blue and pink decorations for the surprise. 

Wine on ice and ready for guests.  I love that my mom used a clear container - makes it just a touch easier to find the drink you prefer. 

This bucket contained beers, bottled water, and sodas.  And how cool are the towels on the side?  Great way to dry off wet beer bottles before consuming.  
The pink table (the blue table was in the dining room).  My mom set up two buffet stations making it easier to serve guests.  The same food was at each table but twice the number of guests could access food at one time.  Less waiting, more chomping. 
My favorite punch!  I couldn't enjoy the punch because it contains wine but I love it when I can have it.  Simple recipe: one can frozen limeade + one 2 liter bottle of sprite + one bottle of white wine.  And how cute is the little duck floating around?! 
Since we had more guests than table space, my mom used trays that were pre-set with plates and napkins/forks.  She pre-buttered the rolls so that no one had to mess with a knife.  Also cuts down on post-party dishwashing!
Cantaloupe soup in little shot glasses - no spoons necessary.  This was a new trick and recipe so yes, there were some spills.  I think this might not get repeated in the future.  Unless it's a true, sit down dinner party. 
My favorite detail of all - the plate passed down to our son and used for the reveal.  My grandparents got it for my dad as a boy and now our little boy will get to have something very special from his granddaddy.  
This was the closest we got to a group shot from the party.  This is some of the McClellan family - just some.  We're still missing cousins, their significant others, and their children.  Two parents, six kids, ten grandkids, and seven great-grandkids with our little nugget on the way.  I'm so happy and so very thankful that our family and friends came together to celebrate with us.  Our little boy is very lucky indeed.   

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