Sunday, March 31, 2013

Four Months

Seriously, this face melts my heart. 
Our handsome little nugget is now four months old, 14.5 lbs, and 25.5 inches tall.  Still no teeth (as you can see from his gummy smile) but lots of drool.  Lots and lots of drool.  Aidan has been chatting up a storm - a trait I'm sure he gets from me - and sprinkles in some random, mini laughs.  

 This weekend Aidan had his first Easter (more pictures of that to come) and ventured out to Peking Gourmet for the first time.  He seemed unimpressed with both.  He tried to eat his Easter dress shirt and when I showed him his Easter basket he knocked it over.  Honey badger don't care.  
Thank you Mackenzie for photo bombing this picture.  Yes, we love you too. 

Happy Easter all and cheers to Spring finally starting to make an appearance!


  1. lol what a cutie, love the dog barging in!! Snickers does the same :)

  2. and the drooling means teeth are just around the corner mommy and daddy. Get lots of rest now---Alan started teething when he was 3 months old. Cranky, crying, inconsolable and just plain miserable. get the plastic ice rings, put 'em in the freezer so you will have them and hold on!!! just sayin'!!