Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Navy & Sky

This year must be my year for stripes.  I'm addicted.  It hasn't been enough for me to wear stripped shirts and dress Aidan in stripes.  I had to go to the next level and knit something in stripes.  So here we are.  In Stripeland with this new cowl.  

The knitting for this is quite simple.  I used Wool Ease Thick & Quick bulky weight yarn in two colors I liked and size 13 circular needles.  Here's the process:

Cast on 60 stitches and join in the round.  

Using your main color:
Knit row one
Purl row two
Knit row three   

Switch to your contrasting color:
Purl row four 
Knit row five 

Continue in this pattern of changing colors at each purl row.  This will create a ridge as if you were knitting in the garter stitch.  And each color will have its own ridge. 

Knit to the desired height and cast off in pattern.  Sew in loose threads and block.  Or like me, skip the blocking and go straight to wearing!

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