Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 77

Aidan's weight & height: roughly the same as last week 
Diaper usage: we are through all the size one diapers and into the size two.  That little butt is getting bigger!
Breastfeeding: this is still the exclusive way of feeding Aidan. Just this weekend we purchased more pump parts and bottles to prep for his days at daycare without momma. Sad face.   
Favorite product: this week pampers diapers (poop catchers), the medela pump, and peanut butter are rocking my world. Yes, only two of those really have anything to do with baby but I'm in charge here.    
Sleep deprivation: Aidan is still a very consistent 7 pm - 7 am sleeper with two wake ups during the night. Unfortunately, we are still total idiots and don't go to bed before 10 pm.  Except that one night when I fell asleep fully clothed with my glasses still on. Please don't judge me for that. 
Biological warfare: this week was the first time Aidan went a day without doing his big business. He totally made up for it yesterday. 
Movement: still working on neck control but in the mean time, we are impressed by Aidan's version of walking. This is where we hold him under the pits while he moves his feet forward one at a time. It's a mix between prancing and moonwalking forward.  
Best moments/cutest feature this week: every single coo he makes convinces me that becoming a parent is the best idea we've ever had.  And since I definitely cannot say this enough, I love you Alan.  Thank you so much for being such a wonderful father and husband.  Thank you for taking this exhausting but exciting journey with me.  You are such a butt nugget and I love you for it.    
Have you ever seen a cuter pout?!
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  1. lol look at that little pouting face, how adorable is he.