Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Currently :: changes

Currently I am embracing change.  Or at least trying to hang in there enough to get by because today is incredibly bittersweet. 

Yesterday we said our goodbyes to Mr. Sinks with extra special toots from Aidan.  Today we look towards June with an end to his deployment in sight. 

Yesterday marked the end of my maternity leave.  Today is my new normal. 

Yesterday I slept until the baby woke up, wore yoga pants, and prepared for my first day away from Aidan.  Today is a day with an alarm, dress pants, and adaptation.  

I'm not exactly sure how well this will all go.  I'm sure I'll cry but hopefully it will be behind my office door.  I bet I'll find chocolate.  And it's likely that I call my mom twenty times before noon.  Hopefully Aidan will eat, play, and sleep as usual.  Hopefully he will enjoy his day with his grandparents and enjoy his evening with me when I return.  And hopefully, this day will move quickly.          

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  1. Of course you will cry...it is sooo hard to leave yr little one...for any reason. You know yr mom will take excellent care of Aidan and if u have a phone with face time or skype on yr 'puter (you can always download it, it's free)you can see him during the day. Hang in there Sweetie, it will get better; didn't say easier, just better. Know I love y'all and I always look forward to the family pics and yr "words of the day". Michael's return is imminent and then our world will be whole!!! This day is half over already and you will see him soon!!