Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shots & Alcohol

Two month shots should come with a bottle of wine.  Or shot of tequilas.  This was Aidan pre-doctor appointment.  Two shots (the immunization ones, not the fun, bar crawl kind) later, he was a sweaty, crying mess and I wasn't far behind.  It definitely didn't help that he only took a twenty minute cat nap this morning.  

From this experience I've learned some important life rules and figured I'd pass them on ::

(1) Next time Aidan needs shots (which seems to be every doctor appointment) if he hasn't napped much that morning, I'll drive him around the entire 495 beltway just to give him a solid nap before the appointment.  This way we avoid the combination of an overly tired and in pain baby.

(2) Just because he isn't fussy for the two hours directly after the appointment, doesn't mean he won't become fussy five hours after the appointment. 

(3) Have acetaminophen ready.  As in, out of the box, understand the dosage, and how to administer the medicine.  

(4) Have wine chilled and at the ready.  Someone might need it. 

Now excuse me while I dive into a bag of M&Ms.  After a day like today, I deserve them.  All eight servings of them. 

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