Monday, October 8, 2012

Happiness is....

....running (or in my case, walking) for a good cause.  

On Sunday, Alan, our brother in law, and I walked a 4.7 mile race to support the Wounded Warrior Project.  One of the sponsors of the run was Alan's company; their CEO is a wounded warrior who lost her right arm in Iraq.  She's a bit of a celebrity in my book because I found out about the company through an interview she had with CNN.  I can't decide what's most impressive about her - the fact that she is the President and CEO of a growing company with almost 200 employees, the fact that she is the President of the Wounded Warrior Project Board of Directors, or the fact that she served as a leader in the Army.  Let's just call it a draw.  
I nabbed a quick picture of Alan with Dawn before the race began.  She and the company agreed to sponsor Alan's soccer team so that the team could purchase sweet kits (yes, per Alan and the soccer universe they are kits not jerseys).  The team had just enough to make one for her and Alan delivered the kit on race day. 

For information on the Wounded Warrior Project, check them out here.  Thank you Alan and Dawn for serving our country and giving me (& the nugget!) an opportunity to support such an awesome cause.  

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