Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cables and rib and everything nice

One night a week I attend a knitting class.  I love it.  Over the last few years I have learned so much more about knitting, myself, and the wisdom of other women.  Many faces have changed but the stories and lessons are always special.  We've discussed business, marriage, children, and of course, knitting projects.   

We typically have a class of five students plus our teacher, Debra.  She is incredible.  You can see Debra's website and her work here.  She has designed some wildly intricate pieces, particularly her bags.  

This grey baby sweater is a pattern that Debra created and it incorporates some of the most important stitches and concepts for a beginning knitter.  She does not yet sell her pattern online but might in the future.  This was the very first sweater pattern I tried and for some reason, I knitted it in a dark blue.  Obviously works perfectly now that we're having a little boy.  

I decided it would be fun to do another one in grey and I've been moving through this sweater pretty quickly.  As you can see, I've completed the front and am about half way through the back.  All this in less than two weeks.  This weekend I'm headed out of town and I plan to work on the sleeves during my travel time. 

Quite honestly, I wouldn't be as fun without this class.  My knitting class has taught me to listen, to voice my opinion, to stand up for myself, to be stronger in relationships and at work, to be more creative, to be more relaxed, and to knit.  


  1. I tried to knit during my pregnancy, I tried to make a blanket. Just a simple squared or rectangular blanket & I ended up with a long laundry bag & a purse. It was really strange.

  2. What kind of yarn were you using? I have learned that it is super important to knit a little gauge swatch first before launching into a project. I'd love to skip this step but it works out so much better when I know if the yarn and needles are going to produce the right size results.