Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alan & Addison

Our niece Addison is a doll.  She is a sweet, happy baby and I love to snap pictures of her.  Since she was born, we have been lucky enough to see her almost every month.  Since I'm typically taking the pictures, I've gotten some nice ones of Alan and Addison.  Enjoy this little photo dump of cuteness!
Addison's first night home from the hospital
February 2012
March 2012
She's a good sleeper when someone is napping with her - Alan was obviously happy to oblige
March 2012
I'm slightly obsessed with baby feet
June 2012
Dewey, DE
June 2012
one of my favorites!
Alan & Addison hanging out before the gender reveal of our baby
August 2012 
Watching some sports and hanging out
August 2012
"Uncle Alan, I just got this new cell phone so we gotta call my buds!"
August 2012
It's fun to look back and see how much Addison has grown and changed over the last seven months.  Obviously she has filled out more - the girl is in the 99% percentile for weight.  Her hair has gotten much lighter and even has a little bit of red tint.  She is becoming more and more expressive and is on the brink of crawling.  

The days sometimes move too quickly but I'm a firm believer in taking pictures to capture important moments and even the dull ones.  Somehow this helps me feel like the pace of life hasn't gotten away from me.  Out of this bunch, only one photo was taken at a party and three were taken while on a family vacation.  For the most part, these are just little moments in a totally normal, otherwise uneventful day.  But the beauty of it is that they are still special and when time seems to move too quickly, we can always look back.  


  1. WOW what an adorable baby :) I love the one where they are looking at each other!! That is too cute :)