Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gender Reveal!

Finally!  After waiting 20 and a half weeks for our appointment and then another week and a half for the party, we finally know what our little faucet is!!
 My mom and dad threw us a fantastic gender reveal party this weekend.  There are a million little details I'll share later.  For now, it's just the big news! 

For the party, we asked that everyone wear pink or blue based on their guess.  Clearly Alan and I were split.  
My mom was the secret keeper and the one to set up the reveal.  She decided to do a very personal and sentimental reveal for us which I loved.  She wrapped a present in a simple box for us to open in front of friends and family.  
 Inside the box we found a plate and the sonogram.  The plate depicts Hopalong Cassidy - a cowboy with his trusty horse.  Hoppy was one of my dad's favorite cowboys and the plate was given to him by his parents.  There was also a tiny little heart note on which my mom had written "For your son."
 The sonogram was seriously a mystery for us.  While I really couldn't tell the sex of the baby from sonogram, I did see a little arrow pointing out the results.  In the photo above, I'm actually trying to point out the arrow because I still couldn't decipher anything more. 
Thank you so much to my wonderful parents for working so hard and pulling off an incredibly special party for us.  My mom is such a fantastic hostess and I am so appreciative.  This is one of the most exciting memories we will have during our pregnancy and it was absolutely worth the wait.  


  1. Well, from his look, Alan is as surprised as I am...r u SURE? I really feel girl....

  2. Alan and Cady, I would also like to add I think your parents did a really nice job on your reveal party. And your nursery is really coming together nicely. You guys look really excited and I am so happy for you...Gramma