Sunday, August 12, 2012

23 Weeks

Sometimes you just have to include a funny one.

How far along? 23 weeks 
What's on the canvas? This week's idea was Alan's suggestion.  Michael Jordan was #23 which worked perfectly for this week and for our little boy who I'm guessing will enjoy sports.  The way this kid moves, I'm pretty sure he's playing a game right now.  
Weight gain: +9 as of Friday so I might have hit +10 this weekend.  
Best moments this week: This week was fun but fairly calm.  We had Alan's soccer game on Wednesday night.  He had some awesome saves while I was viciously attacked by a preying mantis (no really, this thing was imbedded in my hair and poised to eat my face).  Thursday I got to work from home and watch some (most) of the women's gold medal soccer game.  Those women are just so impressive.  I hope our son realizes how important it is to celebrate achievements for both men and women.  And this weekend has been nicely productive.  Mackenzie and I woke up early Saturday morning.  After a nice walk and some tea, I started tearing apart our hall closet.  Wait until you see pictures.  That closet needed some organization and dynamite.  
Miss anything?  Sleeping on my stomach.  I'd give up wine for another year to sleep one night on my tummy.  Wait, no that's totally inaccurate.  
Movement: Yes,  and I love it!  Sometimes in the morning when we're getting ready for work, the baby will start moving around a bit after my bowl of cereal.  I like to tell Alan that the baby is saying hi to him. 
Pregnancy symptoms: My back!  Back pain has settled in and made a home in my lower back.   
Maternity clothes: Nothing new.  Although I will admit that I'm overdue on purchasing some new bras.  Yup, this cup spilleth over too much.  I put on a dress Tuesday morning and asked Alan for assistance in zipping it up.  My belly did not cause any issue for the dress however, my top half is starting to press the limits.  

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