Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nursery & Newspaper

One of my favorite spots in Aidan's nursery is this one.  And not for the functionality of cleaning dirty diapers.  Because as cute as his little toosh is, changing diapers is not my favorite aspect of being a momma.  I like this spot because while serving an important purpose, it is also sentimental.

So first, let's talk about the function.  Clearly when you have a baby you need a place for cleaning up blow outs and we have some serious ones.  The changing table/dresser combination was purchased at Pottery Barn along with the wicker baskets.  The baskets fit nicely and even allow for extra storage behind the baskets.  Hidden storage is awesome.  I also love the nook of extra space on the right side of the changing table.  If you are a soon-to-be momma looking for nursery room ideas, think about how easy it is to access all the lotions and wipes from this little spot.  No drawer opening.  No fishing around for what you need.  Everything is right there.    

Now let's talk about the sentimental part.  First, the color scheme in Aidan's nursery is blue and red.  We're patriotic.  This is a boys room.  Blue and red fits the bill nicely.  I've tried to inject those colors in various aspects of the room including this changing table cover and the photos above.  Second, we wanted (ok I wanted) an aviation theme in the room.  I created the A, B, C and the 1, 2, 3 prints with the planes.  They also include the blue and red colors chosen.  The small photo on the right is one of Alan riding his bike.  He was a kid on the move from an early age and Aidan seems to take after his daddy quite a bit.  And lastly, the Washington Post newspapers.  The more yellowed one in the top frame was the newspaper on the day that I was born.  The more recent looking one on the bottom is the newspaper from the day Aidan was born.  
History is important.  Understanding where you come from and what was happening in the world when you arrived is special.  I loved that my parents preserved that moment of history in our lives.  And when we were preparing for Aidan's arrival, I wanted to do the same.  My dad was the special newspaper purchaser on the day I was born and again for Aidan's birth.  It's so very important to keep those happy memories vivid and I love this little wall for doing exactly that.    
A quick recap of the items featured:
Frames: Target
Changing table/dresser: Pottery Barn 
Baskets: Pottery Barn
Changing pad and cover: Pottery Barn 
Prints: created by me 


  1. I love how the photos are arranged. it looks very neat & pretty!!

    1. thanks girl! took us a while to decide but I love it now that it's up!