Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 91

I love this face. 

Every day Aidan shows us more of his personality.  And every day we fall more in love with him.  Obviously.  

Aidan is just a few days shy of three months old.  These days he is producing bubbles and drool like a boss.  Still exclusively breastfed and growing like a little weed.  I swear some mornings I pick him up just to realize how much bigger he has gotten.  

This week he started going three hours in between feedings (up from the every two hours he was doing before).  This momma loves it.  He is playing longer and sleeping a little longer, both of which we appreciate.  We love to watch him bat at the hanging toys on his activity mat - it's actually more like flailing all of his appendages around and occasionally hitting a toy but we think it's cute either way. 

Quite possibly my favorite Aidan action would be his sneezing.  This generally involves his entire face and both arms.  Sometimes he spits on us in the process.  Hey, I always knew being a parent would be glamorous.    

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