Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 49

He looks a bit skeptical of tummy time, doesn't he?
Aidan's weight: we're guessing he's above 10 but still below 11 pounds.  His cheeks comprise at least one pound of his total weight at this point. 
Aidan's height: roughly the same
Diaper usage: going through about ten a day.  We've been able to cut down a little since we are not changing him at every night feeding.  This way he (and we) can get back to sleep a little faster.  Of course our plan is disrupted about every third night when Aidan treats us with a big ole number two. 
Breastfeeding: nursing or wrestling, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.  As he gets bigger and more mobile, this kid likes to test his strength on his food source.  Usually it's either because he is fighting sleep or doing something akin to a happy dance.  
Favorite product: the activity mat has been a big hit this week for Aidan while socks have been high up on my list.  Seriously, Aidan rocking striped socks nearly makes my heart explode.  
Sleep deprivation: I've never talked about sleep, or lack there of, so much in my life.  Even strangers ask how much we're getting.  The night typically breaks down into a four, two, two, two pattern - four hours of sleep when we first put him to bed, then a feeding and two more hours of sleep, rinse and repeat.   
Biological warfare: there was a lot of pee that hit me, the floor, and our changing table this week.  A lot.  
Movement: smiles!  Lots and lots of random smiles.  He sometimes smiles at us and often smiles in his sleep.  It's completely adorable but nearly impossible to catch on camera. 
Best moments this week: we had a busy week - got the all clear from my doctor to work out (I had been walking, now I can get back to running albeit slowly), met Alan at his office for lunch and fro yo, and attended my knitting class.  
Pivotal moments: smiling!!  
Cutest Aidan feature: his little sleepy grin.  I love watching his expressive little face while he sleeps.  The random sleepy grin that comes out is insanely adorable and absolutely melts me.  

and now for some more photos from this week.... 
Snoozing with daddy
Me & Aidan 
My dad & Aidan
The serious face

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