Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Morning at our house

Our mornings have been a little more predictable than the evenings.  And as a result, a little bit calmer as well.  Aidan typically wakes up around 5 am at which time we diaper and feed him.  We also feed Mackenzie - that dog just loves to eat early and would eat more often if she could.  

Our real day begins around 7-8 am when Aidan has his next feeding.  I nurse him while Alan takes out Mackenzie and then gets ready for work.  Aidan seems to want to be more awake and play more as the afternoon arrives.  So I typically get dressed for the gym, eat breakfast, and clean something while he naps.  I thought it would be fun to capture this morning at our house in a couple of photos.   
Breakfast for me :: still rocking the water bottle from the hospital because I love straws.  For sustenance I have a cup of tea (Earl Gray), Activia yogurt, banana, and a muffin.  My mom made these muffins for us - all they require are sausage and pancake mix.  Make the mix per usual, cook the sausage and add to the muffin tins - cook on 350 for about 12-13 minutes.  We did not use crumbled sausage which was a mistake.  Next time! 
Had to open up a new box of diapers this morning - this is now our third box of diapers and we've used 168 since being home from the hospital.  I think we need to buy stock in Pampers...
Aidan's sleepy face!  He is a great sleeper during the day and even during the night - however, he seems to fight going to bed when it's our bedtime.  We're still experimenting with times and rituals.  Last night we had some tummy time, a sponge bath (well, a wash cloth bath), and play time.  It was an effort to wear Aidan out before bedtime.  Didn't quite work the way we had hoped so it still took a while to get everyone settled.  Eventually we'll figure it out. 
Current reading materials :: I'm nearly finished with The Omnivore's Dilemma but I couldn't help picking up French Women Don't Get Fat yesterday.  I've also been working on Baby 411 to learn a little more about breast feeding and sleeping habits.  So far the book has been right in line with our pediatrician.  

That's about all the excitement in my house.  As much as we can, we're trying to follow Aidan's schedule for feedings but also maintain a balance in our home.  Of course, at night it seems like he holds the cards but we're learning.    


  1. we went through 1,200 something diapers in 3 months. that shit is crazy!! always buy in bulk lol