Sunday, November 18, 2012

37 Weeks

How far along? 37 weeks - we are full term!  
Weight gain: +27 lbs 
Best moments this week: This week started off innocently enough.  Monday I cheered on Alan at his soccer game (an exciting back and forth game where they won 3-2), Thursday I had my knitting class, Friday I crashed big time, and Saturday we relaxed by spending some quality time on the sofa before having friends over.  What made it really interesting: signs that we thought indicated imminent labor.  
Labor signs: Wednesday afternoon I had my 36 week appointment.  A few hours later, Braxton Hicks contractions started playing games with my mind.  They lasted off and on throughout the evening and even woke me up a couple times during the night.  Thursday was the same only a little more intense.  I was having fake-but-make-you-wonder contractions three to four times an hour all evening.  In fact, we couldn't fall asleep until after midnight.  Sleep was horrible but nothing really progressed or changed.  Friday I went to work totally exhausted and continued to have Braxton Hicks contractions at the office.  I actually had a moment when I had to tell a client on the phone that I was having a contraction and just needed a minute to breathe.  Obviously I was relieved when we reached the end of the day. 
After 48 hours of the pretend/sometimes still painful contractions happening off and on, I'm still surprised this nugget hasn't appeared.  It's also funny to me that this really isn't even an indicator that labor is imminent.  It could be another couple of weeks.  My only silver lining is that this means my body is preparing for labor and it will happen.  Eventually. 
Miss anything? SLEEP.  And maybe some wine to put me to sleep. 
Movement: Still some good stretching and moving around in there.  After every meal or snack I have, I swear he does a little victory dance. 
Pregnancy symptoms: Rings are off, belly button is totally flat, and my curves are serious.  Sleep ain't like it used to be and I'll eat anything.  My appetite is in overdrive lately and I've been loving calories no matter where they come from.  Hopefully all the calories are going to the baby's hips and not mine!

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  1. Love that dress!! it's like a winter wonderland, well thats what it reminds me of lol!!