Monday, October 1, 2012

Happiness is...

.....visiting friends!  This weekend I've been in Charleston visiting one of my close friends and it's been a wonderful change of pace and scenery.  Beautiful weather, perfect shopping, great food, and downtime for football.  

A friendship that spans ten years and at least one serious disagreement is a friendship to cherish.  Ann is a best friend to many and a giver to all.  She knows the importance of handwritten cards.  She believes in taking care of others.  She is a listener, a teacher (in more ways than one), a handwriting expert, a cook, a friend, a rock.  She somehow realizes that life is very messy but manages to remain calm about it all.  I am so lucky to have Ann.  And this little faucet, my little nugget, is so lucky to call her godmother.  
Some of the mini moments from our weekend :: life jackets at Fleet Landing; an adorable home in the downtown area; a tiny bench that called my name; a local artist's work; pumpkins in the farmer's market; the line of tickets at the Messy Apron; an oil painting; the best nachos ever from Taco Boy; photo op after dinner; red velvet cupcakes taste even more delish when resting on a baby bump; sweet puppies; and Ann's way of chopping onions.  

thank you Ann for being the mary kate to my ashley, the brown sugar icing to my pumpkin cookies, the gouda to my mac & cheese.

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