Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project Life :: My Beginning

This year has been a huge year for me and Alan.  We've experienced so many accomplishments and exciting moments that I really wanted to find a way to document it.  I started this blog 20 weeks ago and it has been a fantastic outlet and challenge for me.  I've been more detailed in taking photos of our lives but I've also had a way to share them.  We have family and friends across the United States plus Alan's dad in Afghanistan.  I'm not sure he cares too much about my knitting projects, but I know he loves to get updates about our pregnancy and his grandbaby Addison. 

With the baby coming in December, I love the idea of continuing this documentation but I also wanted to have a record of this year - in hard copy.  I found out about Project Life through Elise (you can see her blog here).  Project Life is a creation of Becky Higgins and you can watch a great (short!) video about it here.  Something about the simplicity, the colors, and the documentation all spoke to me so I ordered the clementine kit, which you can find here.  Let me just say, this sucked me in. 
The clementine kit is a fun mix of orange, red, greens, and pinks.  As soon as the kit was delivered, I had to dive in and check everything out. 
In addition to ordering the core kit, I also ordered the 3x4 additional cards.  These seemed perfect for a punch of color, a spot to write notes, or a backdrop for tickets and other papers.  Plus, they further added to the simplicity of this which I love.
I ordered the big variety pack of photo pages and also the Design I photo pocket pages.  I specifically wanted the Design I pages for ultrasound photos. 
Not only could I not help myself from touching everything, I had to immediately start playing around with layouts for the first page.  You can see how well the colors mix, the areas they provide to add notes and embellishments, and also the areas where photos and keepsakes can be highlighted. 
I decided to have my photos printed at Target.  Honestly, this was not my first choice.  I have a great camera, nice lenses, and have become moderately decent at taking photos.  So I fully recognize how important printing is to the whole process.  With that said, I wanted to print about 250 photos from the last nine months and I didn't want to wait.  Patience may be a virtue but I'd say so is the ability to get things done. 
Once I had the materials and photos, I craft bombed my desk and got started.  I'll share results soon.  Overall I'm so happy with project life.  This has been a fun way to hold onto details of the year - from the birth of our niece to finding out about our own pregnancy.  This is also a great way for me to find what I love, what works for me, and what I'd like to do differently in future project life albums.

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