Friday, August 3, 2012

Dining Room Turned (Almost) Nursery

Have I mentioned before that we live in a small condo?  One bedroom small.  In fact, some days it could be shrinking.  We decided to stay in the condo when we found out we were expecting because of the location.  Oh and the housing market.  I actually love this space.  I just wish we could knock down a wall and add one more room.  Luckily, this one bedroom condo is a one bedroom with dining room and den.  The dining room is the interior room.  Our whole space gets a lot of great lighting but this interior room is slightly sheltered from the bright afternoon sunlight.  Perfect location for the nugget (for now, I mean). 

Since we're still in the transition phase, I thought it would be fun to share some of the pictures.  First up, the before photos when the space was truly a dining room and we actually had dinner parties. 

The dining room table is tiger maple and absolutely beautiful wood.  The chairs are my great-grandmother's.   

We do not eat M&M's for dinner when we have friends over.  We just serve them as the appetizer. 

The dresser above is my other great-grandmother's.  The marble top is one of the prettiest features of this piece. 

Another piece from my great-grandmother - this coffee server matches the dining room chairs. 

Wine that I cannot have for a few more months.  We enjoy wine (ok, I love it and Alan likes some kinds) but only belong to one wine club based in Charlottesville.  That's all we need for now. 

That completes the tour of our former dining room.  Like I said, it's a small space.  It would take about fifteen more photos for me to show you around the rest of our place and that's including closets.  To prep the nursery, we chose two pieces of furniture (crib and changing table/dresser) and then the wall color.  The remaining pieces are all a work in progress.  

I asked Alan to move the crib and dresser around a couple times.  And then again once the room was painted.  I think I've finally settled on having the crib in the corner.  Plus he's on strike.  The corner gives me options to do some fun things vertically.   

We have a skinny dresser to put in this corner.  That's a DIY project with my mom as the major player.  More on that later. 

This is one of his dance moves.  It's pretty clear why I love him, right?

A photo without Alan in the way.... We got the oversized dresser since I knew we couldn't put a lot of furniture in the room.  I wanted to make sure what pieces we had were sizable and highly functional. The oversized dresser/changing table was exactly that.  

This lamp was in the dining room previously and if we have a small table or mini dresser in this corner, the lamp will remain.  However, I might skip the table and use vertical shelving instead. 

This mini rocker was given to me (via my mom) as a baby from my godfather and aunt.  I love having some items from our childhoods in the nursery.  This rocker will hopefully be one of a few truly special pieces. 

This chair is a placeholder for now.  This is where we'll be putting the rocker.  Still can't decide if I want to leave it as is or paint it.  Either way, the cushion on the rocker will be a fun way to inject some color in the room.  

So that's what we have for now.  Definitely still in transition but I really like the direction in which we are moving.  This Saturday we find out if we're having a boy or girl at the gender reveal party.  This is like Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day all wrapped into one!!   

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