Sunday, July 22, 2012

20 Weeks

How far along? 20 weeks & 1 day (5 months!) 
What's on the canvas?  This week I wanted to knit the numbers.  I used the duplicate stitch method to achieve this.  Had to use a frame rather than the regular canvas because I didn't have time to block my knitting.  Might be a small knitting sin but it worked for my purpose.  
Weight gain: Started at 125, up 7. 
Best moments this week:  Dinner and ice cream cake with family on Wednesday, date night Thursday, and dinner with friends on Saturday night.  We capped our night with brownies and fudge.  Obviously, I love to eat.  At least I got in a couple solid work outs that felt great and counteract some of my indulgences.  
Maternity clothes: I bought two new dresses recently to wear to our gender reveal party.  Otherwise I own exactly three maternity shirts (short sleeve), one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, and now three dresses.  The dress I'm wearing is not a maternity dress.  Luckily I've still been able to wear my regular dresses for work and fun.  As long as they continue to fit, I'll keep rocking them.  Better to save the money.  However, I am excited for the fall because I think maternity leggings will be the most comfortable piece of clothing ever.  I'll take those in spades.   
Miss anything?  No, but I can officially declare my divorce from Greek yogurt.  I was having it pretty regularly before April and since then just haven't wanted it.  I tried it the other day and struggled to even get through half the container.  
Movement:  I can feel the nugget when I'm laying in bed (morning and night) and sometimes if I'm lucky I can feel something when I sit still.  Still haven't been able to time it right for Alan to feel the baby.  In fact, we're starting to think the nugget hides from him.  Hide 'n' seek baby?   
Pregnancy symptoms?  Aside from my aversion to Greek yogurt, my sensitive gums, and my expanding belly, I can't say I've had any specific symptoms.  Hopefully I can last a few more months before anything problematic pops up.  
Crazy advice or comments?  So far I've been told I should stop wearing heels (um, no), I've gotten advice about working out, and I've had strangers guess the sex of the baby (no belly touching yet).  The sweetest comment so far came Saturday night from a girl in the ladies room.  She guessed that the baby will be a girl (that's the vibe she got) and that I'll be a great mom because I have a good fashion sense.   

We have a couple doctor appointments this week so hopefully everything looks good! 


  1. Cady, when I first met you, I had the "girlie" feeling as well. Am I correct?

  2. We will know in less than a week! Almost there!!