Sunday, July 15, 2012

19 Weeks

How far along?  19 weeks + 1 day 
What's on the canvas?  Glitter paper.  
Weight gain: Started at 125.  Was at 132 and then went down a bit when I weighed myself on Thursday night.  Haven't weighed in since. 
Best moments this week: The dresser was delivered on Wednesday and very exciting to see in the nursery.  Alan and I had a fabulously low key night on Friday with two movies.  I shopped at Buy Buy Baby with Alan's mom for the first time on Saturday.  Purchased some simple onesies and a sleep sack - it was my first clothing purchase for the baby.   And to top off our weekend, we (mostly Alan) put together the crib! 
Miss anything?  Sushi.  Seriously.  I could crush a plate right now.  Too bad everything about sushi is not good for me or the baby.  Avoiding the raw food is a given.  But the soy sauce is chock full of sodium which certainly wouldn't help prevent swelling and the rice is pure carbs which I'm trying to avoid overdoing.  
Maternity clothes?  I purchased two adorable maternity dresses this week.  
Movement:  First thing in the morning or when I lay down at night, I can sometimes feel little pops.  It is the same feeling as last week but with zero consistency and certainly not strong enough yet for Alan to feel.  
Pregnancy symptoms: Getting bigger!  And definitely feeling some round ligament pain this weekend.  They weren't joking in the books when they said this could hurt.  Luckily it eventually stops. 

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